The Polytechnic School of Orihuela (EPSO) is the oldest university center in the province of Alicante and at the same time a pioneer in teaching innovation, since it has had a semi on line teaching platform since 2005. Equipped with modern and extensive facilities, the teacher / student ratio allows personalized attention and ensures complete theoretical-practical training. The teaching staff, almost all of them, are full-time doctors and belong to research groups backed by a significant collection of external resources, through projects and contracts with companies in the agro-food sector, and a large number of scientific and technical publications.

The studies related to the production and transformation of food and the use and conservation of natural resources are taught in the Bachelor's in Agro-Food and Agro-Environmental Engineering, which at the UMH stands out for its flexible design, you can obtain up to two attributions professionals corresponding to the regulated profession of Technical Agricultural Engineer: Agroenvironmental (without attributions), Agricultural operations, Agricultural and food industries and Mechanization and Rural Constructions.

The Bachelor's in Food Science and Technology, trains professionals with the most advanced knowledge in food and its processing, essential to work in the first industrial sector of Spain, with competences in two orientations, Food Processes, specialized in the food sector sectors and Gastronomic Sciences, an itinerary specialized in developing and promoting technology, innovation and research in the world of Gastronomy.

The Master's in Agricultural Engineering, allows to obtain the professional powers of an Agricultural Engineer and is the continuation of the studies of Degree in Agri-Food and Agroenvironmental Engineering and Agricultural Technical Engineering in all its specialties.

The following Nationally accredited master's are offered on campus in on line format:

• Agroecology, Rural Development and Agrotourism

• Automation and remote control for the management of water and energy resources.

• Management, Treatment and Valorization of Organic Waste

• Management and design of projects and facilities

• Agrifood Technology and Quality

• Assessment, cadastre and territorial information systems

• Viticulture and enology