The School of Engineering of Orihuela is the oldest university centre in the province of Alicante. It is situated in an excellent environment, endowed with modern installations. Teaching is personalized with an excellent teacher/student ratio to ensure an advanced practical and theoretical education. Teaching staff and research groups are supported by external research resources of more than 900.000 euros/year and more than 300 scientific and technical publications a year. The School was recently awarded the I Prize ASAJA – Alicante for Agricultural Innovation and Research. The School is a pioneer in teaching innovation and since 2005 has its own e-learning platform. Studies related to food production and processing, and to the use and conservation of natural resources are taught in the new Degree in Agrofood and Agroenvironmental Engineering, which stands out for its flexible design, and through which two competences corresponding to the profession of Technical Agricultural Engineer can be achieved. The Degree in Food Science and Technology prepares professionals with advanced knowledge about food, indispensable for working in this industrial sector, which is one the most important ones in Spain from a social, economic and productive perspective. The Degree in Computer Engineering and Information Technologies prepares expert professionals who may adequately create and provide computer solutions for companies. Furthermore, this campus offers a Master in Agroecology, Rural development and Agrotourism, another one in Management, Treatment and Valuation of Organic Residues and also a Master in Research in Food Science, Technology and Control. Likewise, the School also offers the second cycle of Agricultural Engineering and a Degree in Oenology; both can be taken through e-learning teaching systems.

26 September 2018